Parents and Former Students say...

My daughter came to the Academy School at age 7 and had been informed she would not be a suitable candidate for many schools including City of London School for Girls.  She has flourished since joining the Academy School and was offered scholarships by City of London School for Girls and Channing School as well as an Academic Award to Highgate School and places at North London Collegiate and South Hampstead amongst other schools.
Louise, parent

My son has gone from being a very unhappy, moody child to being a very chatty and happy boy.  He talks about the Academy School with great admiration and he feels safe,  secure, and understood.  He has made a nice group of friends.
        - Nieves, parent

The Academy School has given my daughter the space to grow intellectually and personally, and have offered her every support to make sure that she reaches her full potential.
Sarah, parent

When she started the Academy School, her level of academic preparation could only have been described as average, at best.  Just a year later, she received offers from all the schools including North London Collegiate School.  We give the Academy School full credit for developing her academic potential.  What's most impressive, though, is that she achieved these results not through "hot-house" exam preparation, but as part of a diverse and well-balanced curriculum, with as much emphasis on sport, music, art, foreign language, etc., as on the core exam subjects.  She loved every minute of her time at the Academy School, and that happiness has been fundamental to her continuing academic success at North London Collegiate School.  
- Mike, parent

All three of my children are more confident now that they are at the Academy School  because they feel that teachers really believe they can learn at their own pace.  Each child is respected and teachers get to know each individual.
        - Gloria, parent

The Academy School encourages a degree of freedom where children can develop as individuals but this is done within a caring and hands on environment.
- Luci, parent

The Academy School know their children and have an incredible talent for bringing out the talent in each individual child.
        - Karen, parent

It is the best school ever!
-Maya & Emily, sisters, both former students, now at North London Collegiate School

The Academy School taught me wonderfully not only for the 11 plus but for life as well. I feel that after leaving I was a more independent, confident person and was equipped with all of the tools I needed for secondary school and life.

        - Isabella, former Student, now at South Hampstead High School

During my time at the Academy School I have learnt so much new and exciting information. Leaving was so upsetting because the teachers were so amazing and the pupils intelligent, kind and well educated. Every subject made you want to learn more and I can honestly say that the Maths and English at the Academy were incredibly well taught.

         - Lara, former student, now at South Hampstead High School